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”Rated 5-Stars on Retreat Guru & AyaAdvisor”

The Radiant Heart never sleeps

My retreat with Spirit Plant Journeys was amazing, and indescribable on so many levels , but i will try and convey some of the highlights .
The centre is wonderful , staff so caring , like family ! I was the oldest in the group of 8 , I consciously did not go with any burning issues , physical , mental ,or otherwise, just a deep immersion into That which i am .
Each medicine took me deeper into the great MYSTERY ,guided by Mother Ayahuasca and our beloved Shaman , Orfelinda . Who is so amazing ! The first ceremony took me deep into the complex world of vision , energy and phenomena dancing in such freedom !
Eyes open or closed , it was such a full experience . Second ceremony I asked Mother Ayahuasca to please slow every thing down a little , so that I could enjoy and be with what was appearing , as it was so complex and multi layered . This she did , so perfectly . the second night it felt like old buried issues came to the surface to be looked at, and worked on . Each ceremony took me deeper and the 4th to new levels .
I asked for the experience of a fully open heart , not knowing what that may look like or require from me . I might add hear that each night I only had a small amount of medicine .As I entered the ayahuasca world my body felt like butter on a hot day ,wanting to take me into a liquid state , and mind flowing into neverland .
But immediately Mother Ayahuaska said clearly to me , remember what you asked for ? ” Know this , The radiant Heart never sleeps ! don’t go unconscious ! ” This was to be the theme of this magical night. For the next 5 hrs I stayed fully aware and conscious , sitting up for most of the night , eyes open, many great Masters visited me , and if I drifted for even a few seconds they would remind me of my intent, and speak the words ” the radiant heart never sleeps “. This is what its like to have a fully open heart. To not be side tracked , to not wander with the meanderings of the mind. Life happens anyway , practical mind does its job . stay close the Heart , this is your home . This was my journey and understandings { changes } have stayed with me. I would most certainly go back .

One of the best decisions I have ever made!

I did the 9 day heroic Ayahuasca retreat December 1st to December 9th 2019 with Spirit Plant Journeys. I am still integrating the the healing and wisdom and lessons and beautiful experience I had there. What an incredible and authentic experience which I couldn’t begin to explain in a couple of paragraphs. If you are reading this you are probably thinking about taking the plunge. I spent literally years reading reviews and watching youtube videos and doing my research. Because I really wanted to do it…knew I had to do it, but was terrified of taking that leap of faith.

The medicine called me until it was my time and everything fell into place and I ended up booking this retreat with SPJ. I had a couple of phone conversations with Sarah and knew this was the right place for me. And I am so happy that I did. I really wanted a gentle nurturing authentic healing retreat with a small group with a Shipibo shaman in the medicine’s true environment.

I got this and so much more. I am so grateful to SPJ and Maestra Orfelinda. It was an intense and eye opening experience full of love, support and healing on all levels, i came back a changed man, a better man I think. The plant gave me the healing and transformation I asked for and I needed. It took a little while but over the course of the 9 days I connected and grew to love everyone there, particularly the facilitators Anjelica and Ryan, who genuinely cared about everyone of us and the deep commitment they’ve taken with this medicine and the process.

The location and setting in the sacred valley outside Cuzco is breath taking. Its a magical spiritual and healing place. The Tambo grounds are beautiful and it allows you to experience nature in it`s purest form. And the Delicious healthy food, and the yoga, and the sharing circles and sound healings were designed perfectly to give the group what we needed at any given moment. We were looked after with such compassion and gentle guidance. Everything I’ve mentioned contributed to a beautiful, deeply personal, healing and life changing experience.

“Safe, Secure, Transformed.”

When I choose to take medicine I take it from a trusted high quality source. Spirit Plant Journeys is the Johns Hopkins of ayahuasca. They source reverence, safety and a transformative space for people. I fell in love with the staff and I would refer my family to them. I love this group.

”Rated 5-Stars on Retreat Guru & AyaAdvisor”

Life Changing

Aya is a medicine first and a psychedelic second, this is coming from someone who has dabbled in varying doses of different psychedelics in the past. Aya will show you your deep-rooted issues and will help you rip them out and heal you. What I really liked about SPJ in particular is that they combine yoga+meditation along with the aya experience and this proved to be a very complementing and holistic combination. Without the yoga & meditation sessions that preceded the aya ceremonies I doubt my experience would have been as [third] eye-opening. Orphelina is a superb and experienced maestro from an authentic Shipibo lineage and she really knows what she’s doing, so you are in safe hands when undergoing the aya experience with her. SPJ is definitely on the more expensive side when it comes to retreats but you get what you are paying for, they have really created an amazing space for you to experience the healing powers of aya; the retreat is nestled in a cozy valley amongst beautiful rolling hills with more humming birds than I have ever seen in my life and an awesome gang of friendly and playful dogs. The various different activities such as sound healing and temezcal were pretty amazing as well. The accommodations are clean, the food is yummy (well, as yummy as it can get while being on the dieta), the facilitators are friendly and knowledgeable and the space is beautiful.
Sh. 2020 Retreat
”Rated 5-Stars on Retreat Guru & AyaAdvisor”


”Rated 5-Stars on Retreat Guru & AyaAdvisor”

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