We are blessed to be working and collaborating  with a team of very reputable Healers.

All our Shipibo Maestros work either alone or in group as they all come from the same tribe. In order to provide work to everyone and balance out our retreats between

the masculine and the feminine energies, we take turns every retreat.

Our shamans work in monthly turns and depending on the group size, you will always have either 1 or 2 of our wonderful team of Maestros working with you. 

We are blessed to work with some of the most respected traditional shamans and healers from the Shipibo tribe that hold in-depth knowledge of the medicine and are

open heartedly willing to share their ancestral wisdom and healing to those in need.

Holding so much kindness and love through their powerful ceremonies, Walter Ramirez, Orfelinda Sanancino , Francisco Vasquez and Maricela Rios have more than 37

years of experience healing with Ayahuasca and many other medicinal healing plants from the jungle.

We don’t follow the ‘new age movement’.  We don’t impose any belief-systems upon anyone. Everyone comes with a unique background, a unique story,

unique beliefs and we honor that. We honor you and your truth.

However, we do ask our guests to respect the rules that the shamans implement on the retreat such a dietary restrictions for safety reasons. We consider them to be

doctors of the Ayahuasca and in working with their tradition and lineage, we find it important to respect and follow their guidelines as Healers.

We ask everyone to come with willingness and an open mind.

Working with traditional shipibo shamans it is important to follow and respect their guidelines around the work such as diet, ceremony rules.  

Working with  Ayahuasca is not a cognitive experience,  we cannot ‘think’ our way into healing.

This is a Journey that opens you up to the way of the heart, body and soul. 

Ayahuasca teaches us, shows us, cleans us from everything that we are willing to let go of.

 It reflects and shows us the relationship we have towards ourselves and life. 

Using this medicine as a tool to reconnect with our authentic self.

Orfelinda Sanancino - Our Maestra.

Orfelinda comes from a long line of traditional Shipibo healers,

and takes deep pride and care in her work of cleaning the body,

liberating the mind, and opening up the heart.

Orfelinda began her training as a curandera at the age of eight,

under the guidance of her grandfather, a Shipibo shaman. 

She has devoted her life to the healing work of ayahuasca, and has

dieted and trained extensively with a wide variety of medicinal plants

from the Amazon.  She will be guiding you through your ceremonies

]with her powerful icaros and grounded, loving presence.