Shipibo Medicine &
The Ancient Lineage


The Profound Power

Of The Shipibo


The Shipibos are one of oldest and most highly-respected lineages of ayahuasca healers in the Amazon. For thousands of years, Shipibo shamans have served as doctors in their local communities. Their work with the medicine is gentle, straightforward, and humble. They see their work with ayahuasca as a simple, clear process of cleaning the body, soul, and mind.

The Shipibos treat working with Ayahuasca with a deep sense of respect and discipline.  Many begin training from childhood, learning from family lineages and traditions that trace back countless generations. Their near-monastic training is incredibly strict, and they spend many years undergoing rigorous “dietas” that build an extensive, ‘intuitive knowledge of different medicinal plants.

Their devotion to their healing work is stunning, and the power of their deep connection to their medicine is felt in their “icaros”, or plant medicine songs.

The great steamboat of the wind is coming.

From the end of the cosmos it comes,

It comes like this… “


The Shipibo Recognition &
Respect of Women


The Shipibo-Conibo tribe, from where our Maestros and Maestras originate, carry one of the very few Amazonian Ayahuasca traditions in which women are allowed to practice plant healing. The recognition and respect they are granted within their culture is what drew us to working with this lineage in the first place.

The Shipibo women stand tall in the world of Ayahuasca and they are considered highly-respected healers. They bring a depth of strength and grace the ceremony space that is truly inspirational.


(Quechua: ikaro) 

Derived most likely from the jungle Quichua verb ikaray, “to blow smoke” for healing the Spanish word ‘icaros‘ designates the magical lyrics, incantations, either whistled or spoken, learnt by the shaman. 


Icaros: The Sound of Healing


Icaros are the seeds of healing that the Shaman plants into your body for it to realign, open up and transform. Medicine songs, Icaros have been used as a conduit for healing for thousands of years.

In the Shipibo tradition, a Shaman spends many years in isolation. During this period of isolation they diet Master Plants, healing plants. When they complete the diet they receive the knowledge, the wisdom and healing properties of the plant in the form of an Icaro. The energetic imprint of every plant is different, so is every Icaro. 

When the Shamans invoke the plants, and sing the Icaros into your body, your body becomes aligned and impregnated with the plant healer. Every Icaro has a different purpose. Some are used to clear your body, others to align energies or release trauma. Once the deep cleaning work is done, the Shaman will use specific Icaros in order to impregnate your body in light, uplift it, plant a seed of love, and reconnect yourself with your heart and soul. 


Our Nihue Rhao Dietas