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”Rated 5-Stars on Retreat Guru & AyaAdvisor”


“A totally life-changing experience in
the most perfect and supportive environment possible!”
I’ve taken a while to write this review because I find it hard to put into words just how powerful and amazing this experience was for me.
Drinking Ayahuasca can be a very intense experience, as such, you want to be in a supportive and safe environment where you feel loved and cared for by those around you. My Ayahuasca journey was difficult because I had years of addiction and self harm that I was trying to let go of. Sarah, Ryan, Safah and Maestra Orphelinda could not have been more helpful.
Sarah is there to support and help you when deciding whether or not to make the journey to Peru. She listened to my concerns and was never pushy. During the retreat she provided much needed comic relief! She is a true gem. The lodge, the food, everything was beautiful. When I had some dark nights during ceremony, Safah and Ryan and Orphelinda stayed with me, never leaving me for a second and helping to guide me on my journey with the medicine. Safah stayed with me one night until 4am and the following night Maestra Orphelinda slept in the Maloka to stay with me. During the days, they help you to understand what you are processing with the help of Ayahuasca. The massage, yoga, meditation and integration sessions were amazing. On the night of our last ceremony Orphelinda sang to me twice, and I literally felt her pull this ball of black energy out of me, freeing me from the weight of my past.
This is a retreat center that is truly heart-centered. They all care about the guests and everyone is dedicated to caring for you and helping you get the most from your journey. There were 10 guests on my retreat and I saw EVERY SINGLE PERSON get what they needed from the retreat. Since coming home, I honestly feel free, open and happy for the first time in my life. Its like I was re-born into the person I have always wanted to be. I am so grateful to the team at Spirit Plant Journeys and I will probably go back this year.
If you truly have some healing that you want to do, this is the place. I recommend SPJ 1000% and would never consider drinking Ayahuasca with anyone else.
March 23, 2019
“A revitalizing retreat that opened me back up to life again.”
This retreat has opened me back up to a way of life that I’ve forgotten, one full of love, self-acceptance, and a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty of life that we become all too accustomed to as we grow older and lose our childlike wonder of the world.
I decided to do this retreat after dealing with years of difficult depression and negative thought patterns that no modern medicine seemed to be able to address. Having exhausted western remedies to no avail, and with mixed feelings of nervousness, some skepticism, and hope, I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for a retreat with Spirit Plant Journeys and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The results were life-changing.
The facilitators and Shamans at SPJ have an incredible capacity for love that made me feel at home and at ease. If you are like me you will be worrying about the intensity of an ayahuasca experience, but rest assured, this retreat creates the right set and setting to ensure that what you get from the experience is what you need for positive change in your life. From the delicious organic food to the yoga sessions, massages, and sharing circles, everything about this retreat creates an atmosphere for healing.
Maestra Orfelinda is the real deal. She did a wonderful and awe inspiring job leading each of the ceremonies. She is extremely attentive and intune to the needs of the participants, and will be there for you when you need it. Paulette was the most genuine, caring, and loving person who did an amazing job working with the group to help integrate each of our experiences. The hosts, Ryan and Sarah, were very accommodating and added to the homey vibe, making me feel like part of their family.

All in all, the ceremonies are what this retreat is about, and for me the ceremonies allowed me to see myself and my life from a new perspective. Ayahuasca showed me all the harmful habits I have developed in my patterns of thinking, and I’ll be honest, sometimes not in the most gentle way. But it also provided me a way to break free from these habits. The ceremonies reminded me of my value, and provided me with deep experiences of love, interconnectedness, and peace that I forgot were possible. I will never forget the feeling of going through this experience with a group of complete strangers who afterwards have become family. I already can’t help but reminisce on the communion I felt with those around me as the ceremonies came to a close, when Paulette would bring everyone fruit and tea, and she and Ryan would play guitar and sing the most beautiful music that brought tears to my eyes.
A little over a month has passed since this retreat, and I can see that the experience has had immensely positive, lasting impact. If you are on the edge like I was, debating on whether something like this will help, I hope this review will encourage you to take the leap as I did. Come with a willingness and open mind and you will be amazed at the transformation you can create.
February, 2019
“Safe, Secure, Transformed.”
When I choose to take medicine I take it from a trusted high quality source. Spirit Plant Journeys is the Johns Hopkins of ayahuasca. They source reverence, safety and a transformative space for people. I fell in love with the staff and I would refer my family to them. I love this group.
January 25, 2019
“The Most Spectacular Healing Experience of My Life.”
If you feel you have done everything in your life, have everything you have ever truly needed, no real wants and you are still searching for something, may I please recommend Spirit Plant Journeys.
I have not even been through the second Ayahuasca ceremony as of this writing and if I was to leave now the price would have been worth it for this retreat. The accommodations alone in the Sacred Valley are worth the price. The area of the accommodations is totally surrounded by huge and gorgeous mountains. Breathtaking! The afternoons are breezy and the air is fresh and clean. The hosts are awesome by themselves but the interactions between them are sometimes priceless. The kitchen staff and housekeeping staff are perfect. The food preparation amazing, the Shamans are the best of the best. And for me, I believe Ayahuasca is going to save my life. I felt my body going downhill fast and now I am on the verge of a total health reset. BTW I am going on 63 and this is my first experience with anything like this. In between time includes massage from a true sweetheart of a person (Paulette).
The Ayahuasca ceremony was to date the most spectacular experience I have had and as of this writing, I have three more to go. I strongly suggest anyone coming to this retreat to please take the preparatory recommendations to heart to get the most out of the process. The Shaman is absolutely the real thing. His ceremonial singing and ritual (Icaro’s) is so impressive it is hard to believe one can have that much energy and virtually nonstop. 
As of this writing, I have been through two ceremonies’. The second was a step up more powerful than the first. I feel healthier than I have in years. Ayahuasca has automatically taught me to chew my food completely before swallowing and slow down my eating pace significantly. I feel like I have lost 10-12 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. Ayahuasca has purged my system of a vast amount of my undigested food in my gut. It is amazing what has come out of me. On the spiritual side, I have fulfilled a major goal of this trip by actually meeting with my mom and dad and especially my niece that had passed the same week I had left for this trip. I got a lot more than I had bargained for here as many family members, friends and pets showed up too. It was all incredible. I know there is a lot more cleaning up to do of my body and spiritual experiences ahead of me and I am looking forward to that as I experience ceremony 3 tonight.
If you have read this far, I have been through all four ceremonies and it is by far the most incredible experience of my life outside of watching the birth of my two awesome sons, one of which I was lucky enough to have been able to bring with me. Number 2 son definitely must join me in the near future. I am so impressed that I am planning to do what I can in my life to make a new start in the Sacred Valley within the next two years…. God willing and I am sure God is willing and going to assist me all the way. I just have to be part of this.
The whole movement towards Ayahuasca retreats has really taken off and become extremely popular for quite a while now. I highly and strongly recommend Spirit Plant Journeys for their highest levels of integrity and value in every possible respect. And please, do not take Ayahuasca without a Shaman and proper guidance. One MUST take this highly spiritual experience 1000% seriously and with an open mind and heart. See you soon SPJ, I will return in March 2017.
Much Love and Thanks to you all!
This is the place to go to if you want a safe, comfortable, supportive, loving and life-changing experience. After spending lots of time searching and researching Ayahuasca retreats I came across Spirit Plant Journey. I instantly knew this was the right place after feeling very drawn towards it.
I got in contact with Sarah and she was very quick to respond and answer the questions I had. We had an incredible conversation and connected instantly. Sarah truly cares about you and your experience. She is there for you at every step of the way.
The location and accommodation is absolutely incredible. Without spoiling too much, you are surrounded by mountains. The rooms are very clean, comfortable and spacious. The food is delicious and you always have tea, water and fruits available to you. You get a nice balance of time for yourself but also yoga, meditation, massage, hike, one-on-one sessions with your facilitator (Paulette is incredible). You are very well taken care of and supported. My actual Ayahuasca experience was incredible and beyond what words can describe.
I was drawn towards Ayahuasca to explore spiritual connections and dive deeper into myself. I certainly received this. It was a gentle journey with lots of visions and feelings. I came out of it inspired and so full of love with new insights into myself and my whole journey. I am so grateful that I was surrounded by small, loving group who supported each other along the way. Everyone became family. I will be returning in the future! So overall I highly highly recommend coming here. You will not be disappointed!
February, 2019

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WHERE DO I BEGIN WITH THIS PLACE?!?! I’ll start off with the reason of my visit. The last half of 2018 was one of the hardest eras of my life. With going through a heavy breakup, being lost in my career path and needing my late mother more than ever before, I was completely broken.
I was at the rockiest bottom I’d ever encountered. I didn’t know who I was or what purpose I had. I needed help! Early December a friend that I hadn’t heard from in almost a year messaged me, telling me about this Ayahuasca retreat she wanted to go to with Spirit Plant Journeys. I’d never heard of Ayahuasca before, but after doing some research on the company and medicine, I was so eager to go. It sounded like exactly what I needed at the time. Putting all my faith into the universe and ignoring my fears, I signed up. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!!
Minutes after arriving, I felt at home. The location of the retreat is heavenly. A beautiful, quaint setting – surrounded by organic veggie and fruit gardens and vegetation of all sorts. All within panoramic mountain views. Each day was filled with lovely activities; meditations, yoga, one-on-one chats with Pauline (the facilitator who is absolutely amazing), hikes, flower baths, and sharing circles (which I wasn’t a fan of in the beginning considering I didn’t like talking about my feelings… but after like a day, everyone was family and I didn’t mind the vulnerability). We also had daily free time to rest, journal, go for walks or simply just be with yourself – which was much needed after the ceremonies!
Each ceremony was different and served its own purpose. My main goal after undergoing the 4 ceremonies was to rid of the negative energies that had been consuming my body for years. I’d grown tired of my negative thought patterns that had been belittling me and deteriorating my self-worth and love. It’s been a month now since the retreat, and I’m so happy to say I’m a completely different person!! My heart is filled to the brim with love. Those evil, negative energies no longer occupy my body. Situations that caused me pain, resentment and anger in the past now don’t phase me. My reactions to people and unideal situations have changed immensely. I feel so much lighter and free. My life now feels like it has purpose. I wake up every morning feeling happiness, optimism and gratitude. Of course there are still moments where I feel defeat and sorrow, but I’m now able to handle these experiences better and release the associated feelings quickly.
I couldn’t have felt this amazing without the help of Ayahuasca, Maestra Orfelinda and all of the beautiful souls I met during my retreat. We all began this journey as strangers and left as family. I would recommend this retreat a million times over for people who want to heal past wounds or gain enlightenment towards their life’s purpose. If you have the opportunity to work with Sarah and Ryan, jump on it!!! You won’t regret it.

February, 2019
“Nourishing. Empowering. Transformative.”

My retreat was unbelievably transformative! Really words can not express the gratitude and love that I have for my fellow retreat members as well as all the staff during this journey.
The care, compassion and wisdom was both nourishing and empowering!! Paulette is truly a gifted healer and coach! Paulettes insight and compassion allowed me to explore the psychological as well as the heart issues that I was facing. The Yoga and massage was simply amazing and helped tremendously with the Plant Medicine journey.
The Shamans were so incredibly gentle yet powerful and were intuitive guides during the plant ceremonies. Ryan and Sarah were incredible and made everyone feel well cared for, safe, and part of their family. I would recommend this journey to anyone who is need of healing and looking for ways to reach their full human potential! Thank you so much Plant Journey team! Greg Thompson Houston TX
Houston, TX
February 2019

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“A New Chapter In My Life”
I have to say that this was a life-changing stay I had with this group. The whole Spirit Plant Family are friends forever in my heart. They really knew how to get a lot of work done with out making this atmosphere too heavy.
They were incredibly understanding and accommodating while I was on my stay in Peru. I believe they are a unique breed of people, the kind that know how to give and guide genuinely.
I’m embarking on a new chapter in my life and have even jump-started a new approach in my work. Being an actor I need that: -to always be refining. Spirit Plant Journeys allowed me to see that I can operate without fear and focus more purely on my process and work by understanding myself more than I have ever before.
I will definitely be back soon for continued growth and healing.
California, USA

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