Ayahuasca is a key to help you to unlock your spirituality. To reconnect within. To let go of everything that you know. To unlearn, to Undo. To just be. Something we are not often invited to do in the West. To stop trying to ‘fix’  and to rather stop, breathe and allow. This is when true transformation takes place, in this very present space.   It is a space in which we invite you to tune in, to feel and to transform. 

Ayahuasca is an incredibly powerful plant medicine that will help you release, let go and free yourself from everything that brings your heart down in life. With the fast-growing popularity of Ayahuasca, we feel it more important than ever to respect her medicine and her tradition. We feel it crucially important to understand that this is a very powerful plant medicine, available to us for our healing and expansion in conscious awareness.

This medicine helps you to expand your conscious awareness as a human being. It mirrors the relationship you have towards yourself and  everything in life. We find it important to be very real and down to earth about what happens when we work with plant medicine. Ayahuasca helps you to do the work of the heart and soul. This work requires us to be open, willing and ready to let go of anything that no longer serves us.

Acknowledging your story, your background and your pain is the first step towards self-empowerment. We might not be able to change the past, but we can flip and shift our feelings, beliefs and reactions towards life.  We might feel powerless towards a situation, but we can choose to change this feeling towards one of self-empowerment. To empower ourselves and to no longer allow emotions, reactions, feelings, fears or even certain beliefs about ourselves or the world to control our lives.

We are in control, and every moment of every day, we have the choice to take responsibility for our lives. Sometimes this means simply changing our environment, but in order for certain patterns and events not to drag us down and  throw us off balance, understanding why something deeply affects us it is important to get to the root cause of the feeling. The root of what our reality is based on, that it is beliefs we hold or traumas that have affected us and still affect us in life.

This process is one of empowerment and growth. Every day, we decide how we choose to live and respond to life. This medicine helps us to purge, let go, reset and find balance within ourselves.


The Love of Wisdom.

No matter your beliefs, Ayahuasca is a powerful tool that can help you shift and expand your conscious awareness. The world of “doing, thinking, trying and fixing” is one we all know too well. Our retreat has been created to show you the path towards a different way of thinking and feeling.

It creates a space in which we can give ourselves permission to change our perception and perspective. Over time, our mind develops defense mechanisms, patterns and habitual ways of coping with life. It defends and rejects, seeking protection from pain. Often these patterns, mechanisms and ways of being have been developed because we simply needed to cope with the events of our lives. 

Becoming aware of our patterns gives us the opportunity to change them. We believe that these insights and realizations must be celebrated. When our coping patterns no longer serve us, we can look at them and let them go.

Rather than beating ourselves up with an extra layer of guilt and shame, we can make the choice to open up to a new way of experiencing the heart. Even the most deeply buried, painful emotions seek expression and acknowledgment. Our approach in helping you to unearth and release these emotions is kind, gentle and loving. As such, this retreat is about undoing rather than doing.