Our Philosophy

The Tool Of Transformation

We believe Ayahuasca is a medicine that helps us expand our consciousness to enable healing across all aspects of our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual selves. For us, it is primarily a tool. An extremely powerful and ancient tool best wielded to activate the process of transformation.

When properly applied in a shamanic setting and within our retreat’s integrative framework, Ayahuasca gives us access to our subconscious – the ‘shadow’ module of our being where our unresolved, repressed and traumatic emotional memories exist – and illuminates it with insight and awareness so you can see past experiences in a new way.

I am a tool. Not God.


“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…”

Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that Ayahuasca is a tool which mirrors back to us the relationships we hold with ourselves and every aspect of our lives. Through the seeing of our own reflection, we are able to acknowledge then transform our old, outdated ways of being, behaving and relating that stand as barriers to living our fullest potential.

This is where true transformation can take place.  It is a very present space. A pure heart space. One that can be experienced as both heaven and hell. The work we guide you through here, in the place where healing happens, requires your absolute openness and willingness to let go of your past stories that no longer serve your fruitful evolution. Throughout your entire process, our experienced facilitators are there to hold up the lamp to help you see the reflection and access the healing.

My mission is to consolidate 13 years of insight and understanding of Ayahuasca combined with the ancient knowledge of the Shipibo lineage, into an integrative approach that can truly impact lasting, irrevocable and meaningful change our guests’ lives. 



It’s About An ‘Undoing’

The world of “doing, thinking, trying and fixing” is one we all know too well. Our retreat has been created to show you the path towards finding the self-permission and self-worthiness to find a new relationship with life. Over time, our mind develops defense mechanisms, patterns and habitual ways of coping with our everyday. It defends and rejects, seeking protection from pain. Often these patterns and mechanisms were developed earlier in life as our allies for survival. 

Becoming aware of our patterns gives us the opportunity to change them. Even the most deeply buried, painful emotions seek expression and acknowledgment. Rather than beating ourselves up with an extra layer of guilt and shame, we help you make the choice to celebrate your awareness of them. As when we discover our coping patterns no longer serve us, we finally have the opportunity to let them go.

It is a kind, gentle and loving approach we take in helping you to unearth and release these emotions. Essentially, it’s an ‘undoing’, rather than a ‘doing’.

We sow the seeds of our future hells or happiness by

the way we open or close our hearts right now.


The Choice To Fall Into Grace

Changing your life requires changing the stories you tell yourself. We believe that acknowledging your past, your background and the root of your pain is the first step towards this true transformation. Our process is not about changing or deluding the past, but instead flipping the tired and false narrative to reveal its truth. Then, finding the acceptance and embrace of its teaching in your life.

It’s a choice to shift from a position of powerlessness to one of self-empowerment. When we make the decision to flip the story, we empower ourselves to no longer allow old emotions, beliefs and fears about ourselves or the world control our lives. And this, is where the true healing begins.

No experience is required for this journey. Simply, the openness and willingness to step into a new way of healing and to fall into grace.


Our Difference

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