Our Philosophy & Difference




Spirit Plant Journeys is one of the Original & Leading Ayahuasca Retreats nestled in the Sacred Valley of The Incas. Our unique integrative philosophy and approach, traditional Shipibo healers, experienced facilitators and small, intimate groups are the hallmarks of our difference.


The Tool Of Transformation


We believe Ayahuasca is a medicine that helps us expand our consciousness to enable healing across all aspects of our emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual selves. For us, it is primarily a tool. An extremely powerful and ancient tool best wielded to activate the process of transformation.

When properly applied in a shamanic setting and within our retreat’s integrative framework, Ayahuasca gives us access to our subconscious – the ‘shadow’ module of our being where our unresolved, repressed and traumatic emotional memories exist – and illuminates it with insight and awareness so you can see past experiences in a new way.

I am a tool. Not God.



“Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…”

Our philosophy is grounded in the understanding that Ayahuasca is a tool which mirrors back to us the relationships we hold with ourselves and every aspect of our lives. Through the seeing of our own reflection, we are able to acknowledge then transform our old, outdated ways of being, behaving and relating that stand as barriers to living our fullest potential.

This is where true transformation can take place.  It is a very present space. A pure heart space. One that can be experienced as both heaven and hell. The work we guide you through here, in the place where healing happens, requires your absolute openness and willingness to let go of your past stories that no longer serve your fruitful evolution. Throughout your entire process, our experienced facilitators are there to hold up the lamp to help you see the reflection and access the healing.


We Work With Only Trusted Shipibo Healers

Our ceremonies are led by an extraordinary family of Ayahuasca shamans from the ancient Shipibo-Conibo tribe located on the Ucayali River of the Amazon. 

After 13 years working with many Ayahuasca shamans from various traditions, we were guided to this particular family of healers for their genuinely powerful work, their deep devotion to the craft and their right relationship with Ayahuasca. Unfortunately, as the popularization of Ayahuasca rapidly rises, these values are becoming increasingly difficult to find in Ayahuasceros.

We are absolutely honored to work with this ancient indigenous healing tradition and healers with such a long and trusted reputation as our own.  



My mission is to consolidate 13 years of insight and understanding of Ayahuasca combined with the ancient knowledge of the Shipibo lineage, into an integrative approach that can truly impact lasting, irrevocable and meaningful change our guests’ lives. 




Highly-Trained, Experienced Facilitators

Our team of highly-trained and experienced facilitators play a crucial role in supporting and guiding your healing process being directed on an energetic level by Ayahuasca and our Shipibo shamans.

With decades of experience guiding the Ayahuasca experience, our incredible facilitators create a kindred family spirit that supports a space of safety, compassion and trust throughout your plant medicine journey.

Their deep devotion to this work and alignment to our integrative philosophy is vital to the transformative efficacy of your experience.


A Grounded Integrative Approach For The Real World

While ceremonies themselves are highly transformative, the process of integrating Ayahuasca’s teachings into your life is perhaps the most important piece of plant medicine work. Many years of care and experience have gone into creating our unique and grounded integrative approach that serves to bridge the teachings of Ayahuasca and support deep shadow work, trauma resolution and the undoing of self-limiting patterns.

We work with you to reinforce and flex the muscle between your conscious and subconscious self. Ultimately, providing the framework to increase your understanding of ceremony experiences and tools to continue the transformation process in your everyday life. 


And you leapt into the abyss but found,
it only goes up to your knees.”



Intimate Groups For An Optimal Focus On Your Journey 



We truly care about our guests and we feel that such a personal and deep experience can only be held with a down-to-earth, intimate and kindred family spirit.

That’s why we limit our group sizes to a maximum capacity of 12 guests. After years holding ceremonies, we believe that this is the optimal size for your most potent, transformative and enriching healing journey.


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