Holistic Ayahuasca Retreats

Every element of our holistic Ayahuasca Programs are designed to kindle, evoke and sustain a transformative process. Our rich and intensive programs range from 8 to 10 days. We employ a diverse and unique set of tools to assist every aspect of your being in integrating the teachings of this ancient medicine for an optimal healing experience. Explore our programs below!


5 Traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca Ceremonies

Led by our Shipibo Maestros, our retreat’s core ceremonial work occurs across  5 intensive, traditional Ayahuasca ceremonies. The ceremonies take place at twilight in our cozy and comfortable ceremony space – the Maloca.

We always begin our guests on a gentle dose of the medicine, in order to ease you into the experience with trust and openness. It takes time to develop a relationship with the spirit of Ayahuasca and to open up to the realm of plants. Through this connection, we are able to begin accessing the profound medicine and teachings plant medicine holds for each and every one of us. 

Much can happen during these ceremonies, no one can predict what healing will ‘look like’. However, there is always a sense of perfection in how the medicine unfolds and surprises us.

It is all about opening up, not ‘fixing’ but rather allowing ourselves to open up to what is. When we allow and open up, true, deep and long-lasting healing takes place.


1:1 Specialized
Integration Sessions 

Ayahuasca often presents your truth in abstract and symbolic ways.  Integration is the process of exploring and understanding your ceremony experience and developing tools to put this understanding into practice in your daily life. 

This is where the true work of your healing journey happens. Integration allows you to embody and carry forward the insights revealed to you while working with plant medicine. It is just as important as your ceremony experience, and is the means by which you truly begin to transform your life when you return home. 

It is a crucial part of your healing experience. Our integration specialists tailor their session to the energy of the group and the needs of each participant. From pre-ceremony Relaxing Yin Yoga to Guided Meditation and Theta Healing or Self-Inquiry sessions. Our facilitators are trained to provide you with the guidance, tools and techniques that will empower you on your healing journey.  


Powerful Group
Sharing Circles

Following every ceremony and throughout the course of the retreat, we provide group sharing circles. Sharing our experiences during such a transformative and powerful healing journey helps us to feel supported and uplifted. It is also an opportunity to receive guidance and feedback from our Shaman and Facilitators.

Sharing allows us to learn from each other’s experiences, creating trust and vulnerability amongst the group, allowing deeper work with the medicine. If participants feel uncomfortable speaking in a group setting, we also provide one-on-one sessions.


Purifying Floral Baths
To Usher In New Life 

Ayahuasca ceremonies bring energies and emotions to the surface that have been accumulated over the course of a lifetime and stored in the body. These are frequencies that have left an ”energetic impression” on our bodies. 

A ‘Jain Póiti’ is a floral bath is a vital element of the shamanic healing process for its ability to gently cleanse all of the residual energies that Ayahuasca brings to the surface.

These baths quite literally assist with the blossoming and flourishing of new life. They help us clear heavy energies and blockages, cleanse negative thoughts and emotions, uplift the mind and body, and promote transformation through the properties of the specific plants and flowers used in the bath.

Floral baths are given on every day of the ceremony for all guests.  


Embodying Yoga & Clearing The Mind

We provide regular Yin Yoga and Guided Meditation sessions to assist with calming the physical and mental aspects of your being throughout the course of your retreat

Our certified practitioners utilize the science of Yin Yoga – a gentle and passive, floor-based style of yoga – to help unravel any tension or muscle soreness that may appear within your body during the healing process.

Guided Meditation Sessions are conducted pre-ceremony as a wonderful way to calm mental activity and any nervous energy prior to delving into the plant medicine realm. These sessions also assist us in centering and focusing in on the intention we wish to bring to our ceremonies for a deeper experience.    


Deep Relaxation & Energetic Massage 

Who doesn’t like a good massage? Ayahuasca ceremonies can take a toll on our bodies which is why we provide deep relaxation massage sessions to all our guests. We work with experienced massage therapists who understand the plant medicine work and empathize with your experience.

We provide every guest with multiple massage sessions during the retreat, though additional massages are optional. 


Delicious & Creative Ayahuasca Diet Food

While not particularly flavorful, following the Ayahuasca Diet is a crucial element of connecting with plant medicine. The traditional Ayahuasca diet cleanses, detoxes and prepares the body for ceremony.  

Playing with the restriction of the Ayahuasca diet only means our menu throughout the retreat can become even more creative and innovative! The energy and love that goes into our food is very important to us with most of our greens coming from our Mountain Lodge’s gorgeous organic gardens.  We also hold one Pachamanca, a traditional outdoor luncheon where food is slow-cooked underground with hot stones.  

While our menu is primarily Vegetarian/Vegan and Gluten-Free, we are also able to cater to other allergies and special diets.


Traditional Andean Ceremony with Juan Gabriel

We close our retreat with a traditional Andean ”Despacho” ceremony. This sacred ceremony is a highlight of our retreat. It is guided by our Paco, Juan Gabriel, a Mystic Healer from the Q’ero culture of the high Andes of Peru.  The Despacho is a beautiful and uplifting opportunity to open our hearts, give thanks to the healing work that has taken place and to set your intention for returning home.

This ceremony is about aligning with the energy of ‘reciprocity’ known as ‘Ayni’ in the Andean Culture. The ceremony is about giving and receiving. It aligns us with the heart through continuous prayer. It is a ceremony of opening up to abundance on all levels and speaking our heart’s deepest wishes.


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