Our Alchemy


Our Philosophy

Ayahuasca is a medicine.

Ayahuasca often presents your truth in abstract and symbolic ways. Integration is the process of exploring and understanding your ceremony experience, and developing tools to put this understanding into practice in your daily life. This is where the true work of your healing journey happens. Integration allows you to embody and carry forward the insights revealed to you while working with plant medicine. It is just as important as your ceremony experience, and is the means by which you truly begin to transform your life when you return home.

As one of the most powerful visionary plants on the planet, we believe it is crucially important to respect her traditions and her healers. In service of this belief, we work closely with the Shipibo-Conibo tribe.

The Shipibo Maestros have preserved and maintained their healing traditions and secrets for over thousands of years. They are one of the oldest and most respected ancestral shamanic lineages, and one of the few in which female healers are as common and as highly respected as male healers.

As facilitators between cultures, and bridges between worlds, our mission is to provide a safe, open healing space to deepen your relationship with your truest self and open up to what is possible.

No matter your beliefs, Ayahuasca is a powerful tool that can help you to uplift and empower yourself, heal your wounds, transform and allow you to let go of anything that no longer serves you.

We believe that in order to experience real, tangible transformation and to truly shift your life, you must embody the healing process. We provide you with the necessary tools and techniques for you to navigate your healing journey in a  gentle, natural and nurturing way.

  Integration & Shipibo Tradition.

Many years of care, growth and experience have gone into creating a retreat program that inspires and sustains real transformation. With a down to earth, heart-centered approach and a kindred family spirit, we provide you the setting and tools to transform, uplift, and fully realize the changes you wish to make in your life.

At Spiritplantjourneys, we believe that grounded integration work is a necessary step in the healing process. Integration work is the practice of gaining conscious awareness of the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes that happen within ourselves during and after working with Ayahuasca. This work is about reinforcing and flexing the muscle between our conscious and our subconscious self. Through this practice we become aware of our relationship with ourselves and towards life.

Our highly experienced shamans and facilitators serve as guides in this process, and are trained to provide you with different tools and techniques to help you to embody the healing process. We believe this is the key to real transformation, to walk the talk and embody the experience in your daily life. This allows you to continue to nourish, flourish and open up towards life in a balanced and empowered way.


We don’t follow the ‘new age movement’. We don’t impose any belief-systems upon anyone. Everyone comes with a unique background, a unique story, unique beliefs and we honor that. We honor you and your truth.

We do ask our guests to respect the rules that the shamans implement on the retreat such a dietary restrictions for safety reasons. We consider them to be doctors of the Ayahuasca and in working with their tradition and lineage, we find it important to respect and follow their guidelines as Healers.

We ask everyone to come with willingness and an open mind. Working with traditional shipibo shamans it is important to follow and respect their guidelines around the work such as diet, ceremony rules etc.  Working with  Ayahuasca is not a cognitive experience,  we cannot ‘think’ our way into healing.

This is a Journey that opens you up to the way of the heart, body and soul. Ayahuasca teaches us, shows us, cleans us from everything that we are willing to let go of. It reflects and shows us the relationship we have towards ourselves and life. Using this medicine as a tool to reconnect with our authentic self.

We provide a safe and down to earth space in which we guide you through the experience of Sacred plant medicine with traditional Shipibo Maestros, in a gentle and nurturing way. We truly believe that every single person on this earth has the power to change anything they desire to change within themselves.

We are blessed to live in a time where Authentic shamanic traditions are available to us and we meet those with great respect. We are blessed to be working with powerful Female and Male Traditional Shipibo Shamans. Our programs are held in the Sacred Valley, a safe haven away from the noises of the city and the dangers of the jungle.

We limit our Group size to a maximum allowance of 12 people so that our Healers, facilitators and Maestros can give you close personalized guidance along the Journey.

Welcome to spiritplantjourneys.