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On every retreat, one Shaman and one Facillitator will be present and holding the workshop with you. Our facilitators are a necessary bridge to the cultural gap, effectively guiding you through the understanding and integration of your healing journey with compassion and dedication.

Our Maestros represent thousands of years of Amazonian healing tradition.


Maestra Orfelinda

Maestra Orfelinda Sanancino comes from a long line of traditional Shipibo healers and takes deep pride in her work of cleaning the energetic body, liberating the mind and opening up the heart.
Under the guidance of her Grandfather, a Shipibo shaman, Orfelinda began her training as a curandera (a traditional healer) at the age of eight. She has devoted her life to the healing work of Ayahuasca, and has dieted and trained extensively with a wide variety of plants from the Amazon.
We are regularly blown away by Orfelinda’s powerful icaros (healing songs) and grounded, loving presence during ceremonies. The profound simplicity of her wisdom and sweet nature act as a bright guiding light as you navigate yourself through your healing journey.



Maestro Francisco

Maestro Francisco, now 65, began his training as a Shipibo maestro in his early 40’s, and rapidly progressed to become a high-level Shipibo Maestro.
His beautiful, passionate icaros are sung in the more traditional and poetic ‘Shirobehua’ style, where Francisco’s energy of hope and light illuminate the ceremony space, overcoming and cleansing all negative energies in the room.
He is very much the stoic type, always calm and solid in the middle of the storm. We cherish this energy he brings to ceremonyand feel very blessed to have him with us at SPJ.



Maestra Maricela

Maricela Rios Inuma was born in the beautiful village of Roya, Alto Ucayali – steeped in the heritage of plant-spirit medicine – she healed herself and learned from the plants for two decades before working with Ayahuasca.
Maricela comes from a long line of healers and was taught by her father and grandfather, both of whom were reputedly incredibly powerful curanderos.
At the age of 13, she started her first plant dieta to cure severe internal hemorrhaging. In gratitude for the healing and learning that the plants gave her, Maricela continued to diet with many master plants including “Toè” and Wayra Caspi, until the age of 33, when she drank ayahuasca for the first time. Since then she has been working as a healer both in her community and in other centers and now at Spirit Plant Journeys
Her captivating icaros normally start with soft and gentle tones rising into strong and powerful crescendos as she gracefully weaves the healing power of Ayahuasca throughout the space. It is this same mix of softness, gentleness and power that Maricela herself displays and brings to her work as a healer. We are honored to be blessed by her ancestral lineage and the gifts she brings to our guests.

Our facilitators, a necessary cultural bridge between you and the Shamans. 



Paulette has been living in the Sacred Valley for over three years after following a deep spiritual calling to stay in Peru. Over 100 plant medicine ceremonies later, she enjoys helping people connect deeper with their emotions and mind through meditation and self-reflection.
She is a certified yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, a Practitioner of Arcturian Healing and Techniques, a teacher of A Course in Miracles, a ThetaHealing Practitioner and ThetaHealing Instructor. She offers one-on-one healing sessions which includes energy healing, belief-shifting, and mediumship, among other energetic healing modalities.
Having come from an upbringing and education in the United States, she is adept in bridging the knowledge and rational mindset of the Western world with the wisdom that plant medicines bring. She is a huge proponent of integration and cultivating mindfulness practices and is thrilled to be a part of your healing journey.


Dannia Palacin

We’re blessed to have Dannia Palacin as a part of the Spirit Plant Journeys team. With over 700 hours of training, Dannia specializes in traditional Hatha yoga with Tantric bases, therapeutic Yoga with an emphasis in proper alignment and safe adjustments, meditation and Pranayama.
Over the past few years, Dannia has spent time training and travelling around Southeast Asia in order to deepen her practice, and become a channel to share her knowledge with devoted practitioners.
She has a holistic approach to yoga that combines all of her travels and experience. Her current fascination for mindfulness, meditation and pranayama began last year when she visited India and did her first Vipassana retreat and a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh. She creates her classes with care and love, curates her music to create a nice atmosphere and puts emphasis on a progressive, gentle and safe practice. For her, yoga is about connecting with the source, it doesn’t matter if it is through dancing, laughing, crying or breathing.  As a master once told her, Yoga is about finding our true self, blissful, playful, joyful and fearless.


Safah Roberts

Safah (or Soi Kete in Shipibo) brings a wide variety of skills to the team and has been working with the medicine for over ten years. She resided in India for several years and acquired extensive training in yoga, breathwork and energy medicine, preferring a more introspective, somatic style of practice.
Safah has been leading yoga trainings worldwide since 2011 and has extensive experience facilitating groups through deeply personal and transformative experiences. She enjoys sharing the tools of yoga as a way to engage more fully with the ceremonial experience and post-ceremony integration.
She is also a certified Pranic Healer and has been cultivating a greater sensitivity to the world of energetics for over 15 years. Safah has experience facilitating for various medicine centers in Peru, and has acquired a strong rerpetoire of emotional/mental processing tools that help to bridge western pathologies and understanding with the Shipibo paradigm of healing.
Honoring the Shipibo lineage, she continues to study and diet with her maestro Jorge Ochavano Vasquez (Soi) in his community of Nueva Betania.

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