Maestro Gumercindo Galindo

But there is connection.

– Gumercindo Galindo Shapiama –

We are blessed to work with a true Curandero from the Peruvian Amazon of such high caliber. The ancient divine
science of plant medicine has been passed down to Maestro Gumercindo from a very early age through his
Family of Shaman and from his beloved Maestro Don Julio Llerena.  

Shamanic Healing


Maestro Gumercindo Galindo 

“Gume” as he is fondly known started his shamanic apprenticeship in his early teenage years, undergoing the thorough traditional training of an Amazonian shaman. This training involves many years of “plant dietas” with many powerful Amazonian plant medicines as well as countless Ayahuasca Ceremonies. In his lifelong experience in the medicine he has developed an unwavering connection with the plant spirits and the Devine.

The lineage of Peruvian Jungle Shaman that Gume belongs is called “Palero” or “Palero Curanderismo”. The word Palero refers to the branches of certain tall trees – powerful plant medicines and powerful spirits of the Amazon which Palero Curanderos know intimately. Gume’s vast experience in the astral and spirit realms culminates in a formidable, yet loving force in the medicine space.

With his in depth knowledge and experience in the medicine space Gume works to support you in clearing old energies, impressions & that which does not serve you any longer. In our many years of working together with Gume we have never seen him once encounter an energy or case too robust, or too difficult to handle.

Gume’s medicine and his Ayahuasca ceremony have the potential to facilitate tremendous long term change in your life. One of the beautiful things about working with Gume is that he operates with such great experience, but is still an open book and an open heart. He is always willing to share his wisdom, his knowledge and insights with guests. Gume understands the importance of this work for the health of humanity and prefers to share his knowledge rather than keep it secret.

Gume orchestrates a controlled, safe yet dynamic Ayahuasca ceremony and medicine space in general. His energy is full of laughter and joy an he is very conscious of the way that he weaves this into his medicine.

Gume is renown as one of the most powerful curandero or healer in his region of the Ucayali River in the Peruvian Amazon. In our retreat Gume is the channel through which we can access divine healing  – the catalyst. Gume channels the medicine to exactly where it is needed in the moment and he manages the energies of the group based on what is safe and what is necessary. Gume puts his life in the service of humanity with an open heart, full of love and joy every time he holds ceremony.