Integrating Ayahuasca In
Your Everyday Life

The Importance of Integration

The process of integrating Ayahuasca’s teachings into your life is perhaps the most crucial element of deep plant medicine work. Ayahuasca often presents your truth in abstract and symbolic ways.  Integration is the process of exploring and understanding your ceremony experience and developing tools to put this understanding into practice in your daily life.

This is where the true work of your healing journey happens. 

Integration allows you to embody and carry forward the insights revealed to you while working with plant medicine. It is just as important as your ceremony experience, and is the means by which you truly begin to transform your life when you return home. 


True Healing,
Beyond Ceremony

Many years of care and experience have gone into creating a unique and grounded integrative approach that serves to bridge the teachings of Ayahuasca and support deep shadow work, trauma resolution and the undoing of self-limiting patterns. We work with you through 1:1 . personalised sessions to reinforce and flex the muscle between your conscious and subconscious self. Ultimately, providing the framework to increase your understanding of ceremony experiences and tools to continue the transformation process in your everyday life. 


Preparing For Your Ayahuasca Ceremony

Favor Rewards

The Curious

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