Health & Safety

Safety doesn’t happen by accident. Your health and safety throughout the duration of your Ayahuasca Retreat is our number one and priority. Read on below to discover how we ensure your taken care of. 

Safety First, Always

Your safety and well-being is our priority, both in and out of ceremony, as we guide you through deep personal healing and growth. All the healers and facilitators at the Spirit Plant Journeys  Ayahuasca Retreats have many years of experience holding ceremonies and overseeing the responsible use of Ayahuasca. Our medical screening process ensures you are compatible for the Ayahuasca healing experience. Due to this, we have an exemplary track record and no serious issues, either physical or psychological, have ever arisen.

Our facility ensures you have all the modern comforts in a pristine natural setting, as well as offering 24/7 access to the best medical care in the Sacred Valley should the need ever arise.  We provide the very best caring, self-contained and protected environment to work with Ayahuasca and ensure your safety and welfare at all times. View our Risk Management Program at the bottom of this page.

Preparatory Talks and Introduction

On arrival to our beautiful retreat centre, surrounded by mountains in the Sacred Valley of Peru, we serve a welcome group lunch banquet with group orientation.  Following this we gather together and speak at length regarding logistical and safety aspects for the retreat in order to ensure a safe and comfortable stay for all. We answer all your questions and address any concerns you may have. We also discuss in detail our approach to plant medicine and how to work with it in the best possible way to get the most from your retreat experience.

We share in depth the origins of Ayahuasca ceremonies, the ancestral traditions, and in particular how our plant medicine shaman work in the ceremony, as well as some of the things to expect throughout the journey. Our highly experienced facilitators are very skilled in guiding the group dynamic towards greater support, compassion, cohesion and trust and they are here to assist you all the way from start to finish in your Ayahuasca healing journey.

Let Go In Comfort & Care

Here at Spirit Plant Journeys you can truly relax and let go… and allow our experienced team take care of you. The luxury modern 2-story fully furnished lodges at our magical Petra Retreat space are always equipped with bottled water, tea facilities, hot-showers, comfortable beds, fresh linen and fluffy towels. Additionally, fireplaces for heating are lit every evening.

Our facilitators are constantly on hand in all ceremonies to provide integrative care and support throughout your healing journey. Our experienced plant medicine shaman maintains a professional yet caring relationship with all our guests to help facilitate your Ayahuasca journey so you can rest assured your time here at Spirit Plant Journey’s will be a comfortable and safe experience.

Our Risk Management Plan

  • Small intimate groups to a maximum of 12 participants per ceremony.
  • Provide a specialized dietary plan to assist the ceremony induction process.
  • Protocols for emergencies to minimize harm or incident.
  • Health induction briefing to prevent or reduce health issues
  • Fully equipped first-aid kit and first-aid certified facilitators.
  • Direct contract with local medical clinic in case of an emergency that requires outside assistance.
  • 24-hour emergency medical transport to advanced medical clinic (journey time is 15 minutes).
  • Permanent communication with all regional cell-phone networks.
  • Detailed medical screening via questionnaire during booking stage.
  • Medical doctor (available on call) to diagnose or coordinate any medical assistance if required, as well as offering medical advice for more complicated health cases.
  • In person briefing that provides comprehensive information about medical, environmental and other risks sometimes associated with participating in any Ayahuasca programs.
  • 2-3 full-time facilitators (depending on group size) supervising and assisting in every ceremony.
  • After-ceremony care and healing integration
  • Highly experienced ancestral shamanic healers
  • All Ayahuasca provided at Spirit Plant Journeys Retreats is from the Ayahuasca vine and chacruna combined with the highest quality 100% traditional lineage sacred plant additives to ensure the safest experience for your body, mind and soul. There is no Toe used in our Ayahuasca Brew.

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