Give St. Peter a Chance

Super Sarah , Founder, Spirit Plant Journeys
22 March 2016

San Pedro holds the keys to heaven

San Pedro is a cactus that has been used in ceremonial healing context for over four thousand years. Traditionally San Pedro is called Huachuma. When the Spanish came to South America they dubbed it St. Peter because St Peter holds the keys to heaven.

The San Pedro Cactus

This benevolent and powerful cactus has been used in the Sacred Valley of the Inca with several approaches. Huachuma is commonly referred to as the father plant, and Ayahuasca the mother. San Pedro is often seen as the masculine opposite to Ayahuasca who’s energy is undoubtably feminine. Yet these two plants are in no way comparable. The concept of masculine and feminine can be argued here. Limitations of language hinder me from describing the incredible Divine Grace these plants have to offer in their own way.

San Pedro is a very powerful plant that is not as commonly known of as Ayahuasca outside of South America. Unlike Ayahuasca ceremony will generally be held during the daytime. San Pedro is medicine of the heart. It opens your heart, it is kind and gentle in doing so. It is an extrovert medicine. Unlike Ayahuasca’s flurry of visions it paradoxically reflects your inner realm connecting with mother nature.

San Pedro will often wait for us to truly show up with willingness to do the work. Some people are able to dance around the work by creating distractions. It is your choice. Don’t get me wrong though, San Pedro can be as powerful as Ayahuasca in the healing that it can bring us. It is just a different path.

After many moons journeying with Ayahuasca, my approach to shamanic plant work as well as my approach to life has shifted. The mind now takes less and less of a role in ‘the alignment process’ (an ever-infinite-ongoing process). The Heart has taken its well deserved place in my healing journey. In a sense this is the approach I believe the whole planet is shifting towards. One where the heart is the leader of the pack. The heart is in the spotlight. The heart is acknowledged. An approach in which gentleness and acceptance of what is, are key to healing.

San Pedro holds a variety of gifts for us. It guides us in healing where heart is the key to many insights and blessings.

“When life brings us down to our knees, we are in the perfect position to pray” Rumi

After Many Suns Working With Huachuma…

My deepest belief systems, rooted in the core of my humanity have cultivated reactions towards the ebbs and flows of life. There were times when I lost all sense, there were times where I could not discern reality from illusion.

Huachuma can allow us to see the deeply engrained beliefs that we carry through life. Helping us to see these beliefs and patterns in a different light where everything blooms from the open heart. This can bring insight but can also enable us to realise the power we have to release that what no longer serves us.

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Remembering That We Don’t Have To Do It Alone

For a long time I felt a deep sense of lack. A craving for something that was right in front of me but yet so impossible to reach. Always there but never close enough. Huachuma medicine in its gentle nature can help us to understand more clearly our guides and gifts. These are tools that not only serve us in the medicine work but that can also help us in profound ways in life. The real world you might say.

This Too Shall Pass

This was for me one of the greatest reminders throughout a variety of shamanic journeying. Yes it gets worse before it gets better, no visionary plant that I know of is a ‘magic pill’ that will heal you overnight. Yet San Pedro has helped me to manifest miracles. It helped me to understand that healing work doesn’t always need to be hard. Awakening consciousness and opening the heart doesn’t always have to go hand in hand with suffering. San Pedro opens the heart. If we allow our heart into the moment this is when miracles can happen.

Pain, physical or emotional is no longer suffering but becomes just a storm passing trough our vessel.

Huachuma’s gentle support helped me to trust and allow that process of deep pain without turning it into suffering. On the contrary, with an open heart I was able to transform it with love. True self-love, True power and true strength is that which makes you stand up, over and over again. It is that which forges the relationship with sacred plant medicines even when we don’t understand what is going on.

This is when we truly start trusting the process. Patiencia es la sciencia de la Paz.

As the approach changes from needing to “fix” something to surrendering it also transforms within from doing it alone to asking your ancestors to help you lift the weight off your shoulders. When we authentically surrender, when our heart brings us down to our knees. When life humbles us, we pray and ask for our true guidance. Invoking Spirit, invoking your ancestors can reveal a lot of mystery. The veils of loneliness fall. The understanding of the illusory belief of separation from Spirit and Divine we collectively hold begins to crumble. A lot of my struggles were rooted in that belief. I believe a lot of our collective struggles are rooted in that belief. But it is up to each and everyone of us to find our own path, our own way, our own guidance and love. Manifestation of divine grace.

I highly recommend you to give yourself the chance to work with Huachuma. Whether you have experience with Ayahuasca or other healing modallities or not. It is always good to change our approach and give different perspectives a chance.

San Pedro and the structure and context in which it is held by many today has helped me to understand love. A love based foundation, one in which growth blooms from a place of gentleness. No more fighting with pain, no more fights with darkness, acceptance and acknowledgement from a place of love. Every seed we plant in love cultivates a different world for us to live in, a world we would have never imagined possible.

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