Ayahuasca has been recognised as a medicinal healing agent for thousands of years by indigenous cultures throughout the Amazon basin.  Western research regarding potential therapeutic effects of ayahuasca has taken off over the past 15 years, and although still evolving, numerous studies have suggested that ayahuasca has the potential to produce a range of health and well-being effects.

Ayahuasca cleanses and heals on many levels – emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Ayahuasca Ceremonies are a sacred designed process that promotes the healing and releasing attachments, emotional wounds, dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and self-limiting belief systems that are no longer necessary to carry on our  journey through this human experience. An Ayahuasca Retreat Ceremony is one that often brings clarity to our deepest truths, purpose and the path ahead of us. Other ways that Ayahuasca can serve us is in deepening our connection to the earth and the Divine essence within us and in all life. It allows us to open our eyes wider to our true self. 

Ayahuasca holds immense intelligence and power. It is a medicine that must be approached with respect, integrity, and pure intention. This is a delicate process which is often not easy. It takes work to dive into this experience and courage to face the shadow subconscious aspects of ourselves. When one does, the drinker can be rewarded with the incredible teachings, insight, and healing that this master plant has to offer to each one of us and all of humanity.

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That Christ’s breath moves through-

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Ayahuasca comes from the Amazon Basin of South America, nobody knows exactly when this ancestral medicine was discovered by the native people of the Amazon. Legends of the jungle tell that the plants spoke to the mystics and the healers and told them to mix the two ingredients. It is incredible to contemplate that of the millions of plant species in the Amazon somebody should think to mix and cook these two plants together in a laborious reduction process.

For eons many different natives tribes and people have worked with Ayahuasca in ceremonial contexts. Traditionally in many parts the healer or ‘curandero’ would drink the brew and the ‘patient’ would not. The Ayahuasca brew would allow the healer to connect to the spirit world and from there be able to identify the illness and prescribe a treatment.





The Ayahuasca Ceremonies take place at night time in the traditional Amazonian Shipibo way. The shaman serves the medicine to each participant, they sing prayers and blessings to the medicine and then the lights go out. The ceremony takes place in complete darkness. The Maestros orchestrate the ceremony through powerful prayer, icaros (medicine songs) and energetic work. The icaros call in spiritual allies, spirits of the jungle and astral and earth energies which help to guide the medicine and the journey of each participant.

We at Spirit Plant Journeys believe that Ayahuasca is a Sacred Medicine and Plant Consciousness. It is a powerful tool for healing work to take place.

We are blessed to work with real and powerful traditional shamans . We always have facilitators present during Ayahuasca Ceremonies to help out where needed and to offer support to those needing a gentle hand. Our facilitators have experience in hundreds of Ayahuasca Ceremonies and gracefully make easy the goings on of the ceremony.

The Ceremony continues throughout the night for between 3-6hrs usually and culminates with each person receiving an individual blessing from the maestros. After ceremony, we serve fruit and candles are lit. We ensure that those who can not provide for themselves have everything that they need and being brought to their bed safely.