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WE ARE NOT HUMAN BEINGS HAVING A SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

– Pierre Teilhard de Chardin –

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Our Healing Methodology

THE PROBLEM IS NOT TO FIND THE ANSWER, It’s to face the answer.

– Terence McKenna –

Every person  has walked their own unique path experiencing different events, traumas, and relationships. As we go through life we collect energies in our body and are left with impressions in our heart. Regardless of our own personal beliefs, we can all agree that we are affected by experiences of our past. In many modern cultures there is a lot of taboo around feeling or expressing negative emotion. For many, it has become common place to take a pill to suppress a symptom. Others suppress their negative emotions with addictions such as food, drugs or sex. Our mission at Spirit Plant Journeys is to create a safe space in which the plant medicines Ayahuasca & San Pedro can be used in a ceremonial context to help us to feel these negative emotions, impressions, and traumas. Through feeling we are able to release and overcome these negatives energies that has accumulated during a lifetime. We believe that if these things are not released, they will eventually manifest themselves in adverse ways.

Creating in us limiting behavioural patterns, emotions, thoughts in our minds, or illness and disease in our physical body. We are very lucky to work with two incredible Shamans who are extremely talented at what they do. We work hard to create a space that is safe, comfortable, beautiful and tranquil. A solid foundation that supports us during this deep shamanic and energetic work A retreat at Spirit Plant Journeys is primarily about you and your healing experience. Guided by Healers who direct the plant medicines Ayahuasca & San Pedro masterfully and highly experienced facilitators who support us and help us navigate these sometimes abstract shamanic healing modalities. Essentially, it is about taking responsibility for your own healing. With love and care, we provide the support and opportunity to allow for you to find the healing you are seeking within your own self.

Experience Healing


Our Approach

Every person on this earth is unique and has lived a unique life with an individual experience of culture, climate, family, privilege, trauma, connection and relationships. Each person comes into this life with their own ancestral imprint. We are all born with our own unique personality and character and since birth until the present we have all lived unique lives and joys and traumas and suffering. As unique beings it makes sense that we would all have a unique relationship with spirit plant medicines Ayahuasca & San Pedro The question shouldn’t be ‘what to expect’ since expectations will only get in the way of the work. The plants will interface with each of us in a unique way and will lead us on a journey of healing that is completely unique to the individual. For some the Ayahuasca ceremonies are filled with light, joy and clearing of limiting beliefs we hold for ourselves and for the world. For others the medicine will activate the darkest shadow aspects of ourselves and force us to face them and work through them. Yet for others the ayahuasca ceremonies will be a purely physical experience with little or no visionary qualities. We must trust that the medicine is giving us what we need in the moment. Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies will be for some the most difficult and challenging experience of a lifetime. We do this Shamanic Ceremonial ‘work’ to heal the limiting shadow aspects of ourselves which we carry through life, the goal is to unload these limiting energies and beliefs in order to walk lighter and more present through life. In many regards we see the healing San Pedro & Ayahuasca ceremonies as a form of right of passage. An ancient process of moving towards emotional and spiritual adulthood. A process of taking responsibility for the energies, traumas and limiting beliefs we carry through life. Essentially I am the only person able to truly heal myself of such things. At this retreat you will never be told that ‘this medicine will save you’ or ‘this shaman will save you’. Instead we work to empower our guests in encouragement during the process of saving themselves. Working with Ayahuasca & San Pedro at Spirit Plant Journeys Retreats is an opportunity to take power back over our lives by working with courage to grow beyond our shadows. We require our guests to step into this work with a willingness and trust for the entire process. In return space, place, and opportunity for powerful healing work to take place are provided under the guidance of powerful traditional Maestros of the Shipibo community, Huachumero Bernhard Karshagen and our team of experienced facilitators.