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Situated between the towns of Urubumba and Calca, Huaran is situated about 1 -1.5hrs from Cusco.  This mountain was said to be one of the four most sacred and significant in the eyes of the Inca. It is a strong, powerful presence which contributes to the solid energetic foundation for our retreat.

Shamanic Healing





Our mountain lodge, sets the perfect container for our healing work to unfold. Tucked away beneath one of the main Mountain deities (Apus) of The Sacred Valley, The lodge consists of a farmhouse and wooden Maloca (Ceremonial hut) embraced by sprawling wild, beautiful gardens and the wild streams of Wilcanota River. Each home is equipped with comfy beds, hot showers, tea and water facilities. The main lodge is a gorgeous dining space with an open view on the farm’s cornfields and Pitusiray Mountains. 

 Our Lodge is our home and we love it. We are proud to welcome you to a family-run traditional farmhouse where we try to live as environmentally friendly as we possibly can. Honoring the Spirit of the land and the Land of the Spirit in every way we can.

 We feel so blessed to be supported by such beautiful scenery, cute & cozy rooms, and warm energy on the land during the challenges of an intensive plant medicine retreat like this. 


Shamanic Healing


The Sacred Valley of the Incas 

Our location is one of the main elements that sets us apart from other Ayahuasca Retreats. Sacred Valley may not the be the spiritual home of Ayahuasca. However as the heartland of the Inca civilisation, it carries its own deep, stirring and magical energy – unlike any other.  We love the Peruvian Amazon but it certainly is not for everyone. Our retreats cater for those looking for the comfort that the Andes brings, coupled with the magic of Machu Picchu situated just down the road.   

Our hearts are most at home here in the Andean mountains which have been inhabited by agricultural civilisations for thousands of years. The Inca believed that each mountain (or ‘apu’ in Quechua) harbours a unique spirit, energy, and personality. Our retreat home is blessed to be surrounded by some of the most stunning, supportive apus.

People from all over the world flock to this area to visit Machu Picchu, often forgetting that Sacred Valley in its entirety is one big ruin site. If you know where to look, you will find pre-Inca and Inca ruins scattered everywhere. During your retreat, we will visit some of the most significant sites to connect deeper to the history, soul, and healing energy of this incredible land. It is a wonderful privilege to encounter the spiritual depth that has remained an integral part of the people of these lands for time immemorial.