Icaros – Healing Songs

Traditionally, prayer in the form of song has been used for healing. In the Indigenous tribes of Peru Icaros (or plant songs) are plant songs are an integral part of the healing process. Every single plant has its own song. Every single plant spirit has its own song. When the Maestro or healer is in apprenticeship, those songs are passed on to the healers. By the plants, during their dieta. A dieta is a long period of isolation in which the Apprentice shaman will diet with 1 plant at a time and learn the teachings of that specific plant. After long periods of isolation the apprentice receives the protection and healing abilities of the plant through the icao. Every spirit plant teaches a different song. The song is the pure healing sound of the plant itself. The more diets de apprentice carries, the more knowledge, healing abilities and Icaros they know.

Icaros, work alongside Ayahuasca. They will be impregnated into your body through song and will help you to purge the negativity and energies as well as fill your body with the spirit plant medicine. The Icaro that the shaman personally sings to you becomes your healing ally. They are often seen as seeds planted into your body. The reason for that is because they keep on blooming and adjusting energies, emotions in the body. Even after ceremony. They lay their roots and keep on blooming and expanding, because they are true spirit plant medicine.