Ayahuasca is an ancient visionary healing medicine or brew that comes from the Amazon Basin. It is used traditionally in the Jungle of Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela & Brazil. The Ayahuasca brew is made up of two main plant components – the Ayahuasca Vine (Banisteriopsis caapi) & Chakruna leaves (Psychotria viridis). Many traditional shaman use other additives to their Ayahuasca Brew and each plant additive has its function and purpose in the spiritual realm. The spirit and character of Ayahuasca is brimming with feminine, divine and abstract qualities and this is why Ayahuasca is often described as a devine feminine plant spirit. In ceremony people often perceive the spirit of Ayahuasca in the form of a woman or a snake.

This visionary plant medicine is often called “la Purga” or “the Purge”. The name refers to the way that Ayahuasca helps us to clean our physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual bodies through a powerful purgative process. The medicine is said to move through the physical body, activating stored energies that we carry. When these energies are activated they express themselves in a variety of different ways and ultimately they are purged from the body. The purging process can take countless forms, commonly expressing the release through shaking, vomiting, diarrheas, strong emotions, tears, yawning etc.

Ceremonies that involve deep physical and energetic cleaning and clearing often precede ceremonies with deep vision, light and insight. Although every person will have a unique experience with Ayahuasca and ceremony is best approached with as little expectation as possible. Often the journey that Ayahuasca takes us on is hard to decipher at the time, but with the benefit of hindsight the profound wisdom of the plants begins to reveal itself. Ayahuasca Ceremonies will give you what you need however this may not always be what we want in the moment and the path to healing can be a very challenging one for some.