Sarah Saadoun, Co-Founder, Spirit Plant Journeys.

22 March 2016

Ayahuasca retreats and spiritual work can change your life. Plant Medicine work can help you transform and let go of that which does not serve you any longer. Being in the retreat is the somewhat easy part. Going back into the “real world” and integrating what you have learned can be quite a challenge. 

When you join a retreat group, they don’t know the old you. There are no assumptions, judgements or expectations. It can definitily be hard to transition back after a retreat when you go back to your life, your family, your job and relationships in which you used to fit in perfectly

Just like you are responsible for your own work on the retreat, the same counts for not falling back into old patterns when you are thrown back into the jungle of life and making the change actually happen/manifest.

I will share with you some very simple and easy tips & tricks you can use on a daily basis in order to keep your balance and keep up the good work that you have already started. Remember the plants continue working in the body for some time after your retreat. Make sure you honour the work you have done during your retreat. Life can unfold in amazing ways during the integration period after a plant medicine retreat.

Discipline – Take courage, even if it just 10 minutes in the morning before starting your day

Post diet. You have gotten so far. Suffered through the Ayahuasca diet, the retreat itself, intense ceremonies and now the post-diet. It is hard not to fall into habits and this is again where the self love and understanding comes in handy. Don`t be too hard on yourself or those around you.

Assumptions and judgement can be difficult to deal with when you are dreaming big, quitting your job and making serious changes in your life. Have compassion and understanding as much for yourself as for others.

Respect the post retreat diet, it is as important as the retreat itself. Read about it, ask your center, stick to it. Not respecting the post diet could lead to crossing the medicine and that can be harmful to your process and can undermine the work you have suffered for.

The San Pedro Cactus


Find your practice, that is your meditation. This can be anything. Sitting with yourself, singing songs in nature, listening to music, playing music, going for a walk or whatever works for you. Find what works, Something you are able to do on your own. This will help you come back to your body, to your feelings, your thoughts and help you to centre again – without the influence of any external energies or ideas.

Meditation can be good for that. Often times this is something that is important to do in the morning before you have contact with the outside world. Start to practice inquisitive mindfulness. In your moments of meditation & mindfulness explore the energies and feelings with childlike interest and without judgment.

With letting go of the old comes in the new. Cultivate healthy habits. Find your practice, feel it out, rather than thinking it through. Try something new. Be present, be gentle with yourself, ground and come back to your body, give yourself love and compassion. From love anything can grow beautifully!

“Filling the conscious mind with ideal conceptions is a characteristic of Western theosophy, but not the confrontation with the shadow and the world of darkness. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” C.G. Jung

The San Pedro Cactus

Self Love & Compassion

Self love translates itself into every action, every thought, every decision.

Quit old Habits

Change your environment if it does not serve you any longer. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different outcomes is insanity.

It can be quite hard to get back home and not fall into the same patterns, but remember, you are a different person. Let go of the old and in doing so honour the work and suffering you experienced during your plant medicine work. It is not about positive thinking but more about a positive attitude from your heart.


Take time to breathe when you are feeling overwhelmed. Breathing is something we can always control and regulate. It is (as was probably confirmed to you during your Ayahuasca Ceremonies) a powerful way to find a relaxed and clear state of mind. It is a powerful tool for finding your centre. Once we have found our centre we can respond to situations from a place of self instead of reacting from a place of emotion.

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