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Spiritplantjourneys is a pioneering Ayahuasca retreat center. Providing a safe space for you to experience consciousness expanding experiences, through emotional and energetic release. Ayahuasca ceremonies are led by some of the most respected, traditional female healers from the Shipibo-Conibo Tribe. We provide a safe space for powerful shadow work, and transformational journeys through Sacred Spirit plant ritual. Holding space for thousands of guests over the last decade, we are proud to be known as the organization that has always kept our groups small, and given your consciousness-expanding process the private guidance it deserves.

The founder of Spirit plant journeys has facilitated Ayahuasca ceremonies in different settings and traditions for over 14 years. Guided to help others, she developed programs that teach you how to navigate the realms of your own ”unconscious” shadow self through simple and grounded techniques that help you open up to your own healing abilities. So you can integrate the consciousness-expanding experiences this plant medicine brings, and work as your own healer, alongside ancient healers. Only then, Ayahuasca becomes significant in the context of bringing change to your mind, body and emotion consciousness.

A new era is coming,
Can you feel it ?

To deepen the personal guidance we provide, we are limiting our retreats to private groups, only. So we can prepare you and help you integrate, with the care your healing process deserves.

The need for Spiritual integration work has been rising more than ever before. Ayahuasca is reaching thousands of people, for change. Integrating consciousness is the only way to real life change. We have taken this time to meet this need for authentic spirituality on a much deeper level than ever before. We have developed preparation and integration sessions that give you the keys to awakening and navigating the plant realms. So you can release the blockages, & awaken you to the healer within.

If you take your path of healing seriously, we invite you to subscribe to our mailing list, so we can send you more information about our initiation courses. So you can come on this journey prepared.

Our vision is deepening and we are changing our website this month. Feel free to to reach our for more information.

Read our verified reviews on retreat guru.

This retreat has opened me back up to a way of life that I’ve forgotten, one full of love, self-acceptance, and a renewed sense of appreciation for the beauty of life that we become all too accustomed to as we grow older and lose our childlike wonder of the world. I decided to do this retreat after dealing with years of difficult depression and negative thought patterns that no modern medicine seemed to be able to address. Having exhausted western remedies to no avail, and with mixed feelings of nervousness, some skepticism, and hope, I finally decided to take the plunge and sign up for a retreat with Spirit Plant Journeys and I couldn’t be happier that I did. The results were life changing….